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What is NCR Paper?

NCR stands for "No Carbon Required", it refers to paper that has been coated with carbon to produce copies of the original.

The back of the first sheet is coated with a special dye and the face of the second sheet is coated with clay that reacts to pressure to create a permanent mark.

What is NCR Printing?

NCR printing is the process of printing on carbonless paper, either sheet fed or web fed. The printing process can be either lithographic or digital. We print all short runs (up to 1000 sheets) on our digital presses.

NCR Sets

NCR Sets are our most common product, sheets are simply glued as sets. Each set is then separate from the next set.

NCR Pads

NCR Pads are similar to ncr sets but the sets are then padded into 50 sets with a greyboard back and manilla cover.

NCR Books

NCR Books comprise of set made into books where all the copies are permantly bound in the book but each sheet is perforated for easy detachment.

NCR Printing

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